Sunday, December 18, 2016

Radio Garden: Listen To All The Radios Of The World, And Those Of The Past

You probably already know the super site which proposes to you playlists according to the country and the time that you choose. There is now Radio Garden which allows you to listen to a lot of the radios that broadcast all over the world. The site is in the form of an interactive globe, to you to choose a city, then the radio station that you wish to listen to.

Just a few clicks and you're on a local radio station in Manchester or one of the stations in Buenos Aires. Whether it's national radio, local radio or web radio: everything is there, and even more.

Apart from the radios, the "History" tab allows you to travel through time and listen to the radio from another era. One can for example come across a French program of November 2, 1937. The tab "Jingle" allows you to listen to the different jingles that exist around the globe, all analyzed in a small text. "Stories" is not yet available in French but allows to dwell on cultural, geographical, historical discussions in different radio stations, such as podcasts that document the history of Radio. This site is a gold mine, you just have to be careful not to get lost in the limbo radio.

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